I signed up for the affiliate program, where is my linking code? Print

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If you have signed on for our affiliate program and wish to refer people to us and get a commision you will need to sign into your account and then click on the "Affiliates" link to get your unique affiliate ID which you can use to send people to us and get paid for your efforts. Just surf to https://www.corporatecolo.com/dedicated/affiliates.php to get your affiliate ID

For example this might be your unique affiliate code:
https://www.corporatecolo.com/dedicated/aff.php?aff=123 (substituting 123 with your unique affiliate ID)
Additionally you are also welcome to use our banners as well if you wish, just change [AffiliateLinkCode] to your unique affiliate ID

<(a href="[AffiliateLinkCode]")><(img src="https://www.corporatecolo.com/dedicated/banners/468x60banner.png" width="468" height="60" border="0")><(/a)>

<(a href="[AffiliateLinkCode]")><(img src="https://www.corporatecolo.com/dedicated/banners/259x51banner.png" width="259" height="51" border="0")><(/a)>

Just remember to replace <( and )> with < and >

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