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Green Technology

Using the science behind things like ant hills, and sea shells, our data centers maximizes cooling efficiency.

Darwin Churchill

Technology Highlights

Below are just some of the technologies that power our data centers

Bioclimatic Cross Ventilation
Air Side Economization By understanding the flow and behavior of air around our buildings, we can capture and utilize that natural air to reduce HVAC use by up to 80%.  Furthermore, our ASE systems carry the identical SLA, 99.999%
Vertical Exhaust Systems
Computational Fluid Dynamics By understanding the flow and behavior of air inside our buildings, we can capture and utilize some of those properties to increase efficiency in our cooling.
Intelligent Controls
Real-Time Analytics Our network of sensors and controls give us real-time analysis and adjustments to our power and cooling systems.  This gives us unprecedented command of resources resulting in Power Utilization Ratings of 1.3 and lower.
Decentralized Backup Power
Investigation Phase Our Research & Development teams are currently investigating a totally new way of providing backup power to their infrastructure.  Potentially using Tesla PowerWall technology, our data centers will soon offer our clients dedicated, decentralized, and more than 4X more efficient backup power.
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Research and development

Air Side Economization

The science and technology behind our revolutionary cooling systems.

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research and development

Ceph & MinIO

How we are using technologies like Ceph/CephFS and MinIO to build a new generation of cloud services.


Connectivity Made Easy

100+ gbps fiber into 910 Telecom | < 1 ms latency
Online in under 24 hours

World Class Services

Bare Metal as a Service

Whether you are looking to shift from CapEx to OpEx or consolidate vendors, we can help. Our Bare Metal bliss is amazingly simple and self service.

Churchill based platform

Storage - Backup - Disaster Recovery

We have over 1PB of storage online and ready for our customers to use. Our ability to offer downwards of $0.01/MB gives you the flexibility and access to redundancy.

MinIO based Object Store

NOC Services

From Smart Hands to Tier III services, our 24/7 NOC can support your IT teams around the clock.