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Our Ceph and MinIO based Object Store and Block Devices are an elegant solution to your storage needs. Massively scalable and efficiently powered by our very own Orion data center, we give you all the benefits that large players like Amazon, Facebook, and eBay enjoy.

Be up in minutes, not days. Self-service and self-fulfillment give you the control and speed your organization needs to stay ahead of the curve.

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Simple and Secure

Easily integrates with your existing enterprise authentication infrastructure, including Active Directory and LDAP, Speeding the provisioning and management of storage users.

Automatic Data Distribution

An object storage cluster can be spread over multiple, geographically distributed data centers with a single namespace. This means built-in disaster recovery and more flexibility for your data.

Wide API Support

Apps access storage via a RESTful HTTP API and a broad set of client libraries for PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, and other languages. And we also support the S3 API and filesystem protocols like NFS and CIFS.

Take Control of Your Data

Storage policies let you create multiple tiers of storage within the same namespace, giving admins and applications full control over where their data is located and how many replicas are kept for availability.

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The Gateway

The Filesystem Gateway gives you the flexibility to store and retrieve files in the Object Storage system via NFS or CIFS. Unlike most other Filesystem Gateways, files stored via the Gateway can also be accessed via the RESTful HTTP API as objects and vice versa. This makes it ideal for migrating data to the Object Storage system as your data is not locked into an access method.

The Filesystem Gateway is provided as an optional component of the object Storage system and provides the following capabilities:

NFS and CIFS file-based access to any data stored in a cluster

Preserves file/object integrity allowing object API access by other applications

Allows your applications that require filesystem access to take advantage of the Object Storage system

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